Our FLL Team Won NJ State Project Presentation First Place

Every year from September to December is the FIRST Lego League (FLL) competition season.

Kids2Kids coached the Dragonite team in this season, which has done a wonderful job. First, in the Bergen Qualifying Tournament, they won second place in project and advanced to the New Jersey state championship. During the state competition in December, they won the first place in project presentation!

All of the team members worked very hard during the whole FLL season.

For FLL’s robot game, they built a very complex robot called the “3levator”, with its 3 elevator gear systems. The robot has two attachments, each of which can perform multiple missions inside one trip. It also uses three color sensors and one gyro sensor, making the robot’s movement more accurate. In total, the 3levator can earn up to 350 points.

In the Animal Allies project, they invented an innovative robot pet sitter called Pet Ball. The Pet Ball has three features: video chat, games for pets, and pet training. It takes care of your pet, entertains your pet, and exercises your pet, even when you aren’t at home. Additionally, the Pet Ball system is open to all developers, so they can create their own pet games and training activities for all pets to enjoy! As well as creating a solution, the team did tremendous research work on the issue of separation anxiety. They interviewed a vet and an animal shelter, and surveyed pet owners. Eventually, after researching and building a solution, they shared their project to Bloomberg, Montvale Animal Hospital, and even tested their creation with a real pet!

Way to go! Congratulations to the team Dragonite!