FIRST Outreach in Atlanta

Aaron Liu and Aidan Liu presenting FLL Jr.

On Sunday, April 9th, we went to Atlanta to give a presentation on FIRST’s programs, ranging all the way from FLL Jr. to FRC. We aimed to inspire many more FIRST teams to be formed in the Atlanta area, particularly through the Chinese community, where we saw a large deficit in participation in robotics programs, specifically centering around FIRST. Before I go on, I’d like to give a brief shoutout to Juneflower, who graciously allowed us to host our presentation in their space.

Edward Li presenting FTC and FRC

Throughout the course of the event, presentations on FLL Jr. , FLL, FTC, and FRC were given. As many of our audience members were completely new to FIRST, we introduced the idea and vision of FIRST to them, along with information about why they should join FIRST programs. As a major focus of this event was empowering parents to become coaches and motivating forces for FIRST and robotics programs in their communities, we also discussed basic team structure as well as how to get started on each of FIRST’s different programs, while keeping unique considerations about each of the programs in mind.

However, the presentations themselves were not the notable part. After the event was hosted, a large level of involvement and interest were observed. Many took to social media, attempting to organize robotics teams based on their children’s ages and interests. We really look forward to the growth of FIRST programs in Georgia next year and wish all who decide to create or attend a team good luck throughout the season next year!

Anthony Li and Aaron Liu presenting FLL

Because of the level of observed interest, us at Kids2Kids are considering creating a series of videos describing concepts in robotics and FIRST, as well as recapping the event for all interested and those who were unable to attend on the date that we gave the presentation on. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about this upcoming idea, we would appreciate it greatly if you let us know! Good luck to all in the coming season!