Our First Fundmental Arduino Maker Class

Since April 22, Kids2Kids hosts six sessions fundmental Arduino class every Saturday afternoon from 4:30 to 6:00.

Several sixth and seventh grade kids came from different towns are enjoying these classes. Most of them never heard about Arduino and did not build any circuits before. They followed the club leaders’ instructions step by step. When the LED was bright up, big smile showed up on everyone’s face.

Kids not only learned the basic electronic knowledge from this class, but also gained the basic programming skills. The club leaders used several fun projects to build up their programming understanding. Kids created dancing lights, and police lights by themselves. All of them now believe they can make some creations even when they are young!

Hold on tight, we still have more exciting things along the line! Come and have fun!


Having fun and learning during the Kids2Kids Maker Club

This year, we hosted two Maker Club sessions at nearby JEI Learning Center, where students learned how to build basic machines and remote control cars! People from all over New Jersey came to this event, and everyone, from teachers and parents to students, had so much fun while learning about the spirit of making.

In the first session (October 16, 2016), students worked to build a simple car that moved back and forth using a small kit. They all learned how to use screwdrivers, plug wires into each other, while demonstrating patience throughout the session. In the end, all of the teams had a working car that they could show and be proud of.

During the second session (January 14, 2017), we guided students as they built a remote-control car. They continued to practice their making skills and became more proficient. As the class progressed, the students slowly finished and began to have fun with each other.

These maker clubs are important to students because they give kids an opportunity to use their hands-on skills. They also allow kids to practice teamwork, patience, persistence, and other skills neccessary for a successful career.

If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an email with details on future maker club sessions

This club is open to all ages.