Our Student Leader Earned President’s Volunteer Service Award

Congratulations to our leader, Edward Li! He won the 2016 President’s Volunteer Service Award bronze medal!

During 2016, Edward volunteered tremendous hours in teaching kids Lego Robotics. He taught in the Bergen County Academics After Hours Program and the JEI Learning Center. He even traveled to Qingdao, China during the summer, and taught internationally. About 50 kids learned Lego Robotics from him in 2016. All of them opened their eyes in the field of STEM because of him.

In addition, he showed his love to kids with special needs. In China, he visited the Autism Center in Linyi, paired students with autistic kids, and taught them how to build a Lego vehicle. When those special kids saw their moving vehicles, they could not stop laughing!

Edward’s volunteer journey actually started years earlier. Since 2010 when he was nine years old, Edward joined a FIRST Lego League team. During the first two years of FLL, he learned fundamental Lego Robotics knowledge and advanced knowledge. His FLL team started winning in regional qualifier and state. In 2012, he was invited to become a teaching assistant in Lego Robotics summer camp by Brainyak Kid. Since then, he never stopped teaching. He taught in a Paramus summer camp, he taught in the Glen Rock library, he taught in the Ridgewood library, he taught in JEI’s summer camp, and more.

Currently, Edward started to put his hand into maker area. He went to Shenzhen, China and brought tons of electronic components. He has even bigger plans to help kids in STEM field.

Let’s cheer with Edward. Way to go!