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Our Mission

“To advance youths’ community service and leadership skills by providing a platform for kids to help and learn from other kids.”

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Expanding our Horizons

On Thursday, we visited a school called YiTu that teaches kids using LEGO in Beijing, China, where LEGOs aren’t as prevalent. Highlights After exchanging greetings, we shared our experiences with LEGO. We talked about how we learned about FIRST in the first place, explained the FIRST family of robotics competitions, and shared how we teach […]

Michael Wu teaches the Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube Club Update

On July 9, we hosted not one, but two Rubik’s Cube Clubs! This time, even more students came to the JEI Learning Center to find out how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. This session focused on solving the first and second layers of the cube. All of the students (and parents alike) eagerly progressed in solving this complex puzzle. We could feel […]

Michael Wu leads the Rubik's Cube club

Having A Blast At The Rubik’s Cube Club

We just hosted our first Rubik’s Cube Club at the JEI Learning Center in Waldwick! Many children, young and old, came to the center to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.   Today’s club focused on the first step of solving a Rubik’s Cube: getting the so-called “white cross.” Everyone, kids and adults alike, […]

Lego Robotics Class at BCA 2016 finished

Academy After Hours Robotics Class

The Academy After Hours Spring 2016 is finally over! We had a great few weeks together starting in mid-March and finishing up just last week. A few highlights of this session include: A smaller class for more personal interactions Our second ever class with AAH in the Bergen County Academies Development of robot building skills […]