Michael Wu leads the Rubik's Cube club

Having A Blast At The Rubik’s Cube Club

We just hosted our first Rubik’s Cube Club at the JEI Learning Center in Waldwick! Many children, young and old, came to the center to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.IMG_5697


Today’s club focused on the first step of solving a Rubik’s Cube: getting the so-called “white cross.” Everyone, kids and adults alike, had a blast learning about and using various strategies to achieve this goal. By the time the club came to an end, everyone had almost mastered getting the white cross.



The club’s teacher, a teenager named Michael, made sure that everyone understood the procedure of getting the white cross. He answered questions patiently and explained the procedure in easy-to-understand terms. Well done!



The next Rubik’s Cube Club will be hosted July 9th in Waldwick’s JEI Learning Center. If you’re interested, make sure to come!IMG_5706

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